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Behave LA is Brittany Wittig, offering affordable dog training and specialized care to Santa Monica, Venice, and Marina del Rey.

A well behaved dog means a happy home. If you’re interested in speaking with a current client, don’t hesitate to ask.

From Andrea,

I truly never thought I would trust my dogs in ANYONE else’s hands but thankfully I found Brittany! My dogs (Harley and Bobo) are definitely my “kids” (and yes, I am one of those “worried” pet parents), but Brittany treats them as if they were her own and gives them a ton of love and attention. This is incredibly important to me and is so hard to find but we found it in Brittany! She not only keeps them safe and sound on their walks but also monitors their overall health and has been a literal life-saver for them. My friends and family can’t believe the progress both of my dogs have made in training as well! I thought they were un-trainable but Brittany has taught both them and I a ton. I now have a much better handle on all of their behavior and they are SO much better behaved and well-trained. Simply put, Brittany is incredible. She is responsible, thoughtful, thorough and incredibly trustworthy.

From Dana,

Brittany is a natural with animals and works well with people – a rare combination in a trainer. She has a calm demeanor that keeps both the animals and the humans happy.

From Dr. Cynthia Stringfield,

I was Brittany’s professor at Moorpark College. I recommend her highly – any animal whose life she comes into is a very lucky one!

As an avid dog-lover, Brittany Wittig combines her unique range of skills into a service that provides optimal, holistic companionship for your canine.

Brittany began her career as an exotic animal trainer. She earned a degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management from Moorpark College, as well as degrees in Animal Behavior and Wildlife Education. She went on to train with Natural Encounters, Inc. in Orlando, Florida where she performed in the Flights of Wonder show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

After spending several years training exotic animals, Brittany began to develop a passion for the veterinary side of the animal industry. It became important that she spend her time and skills directly bettering the lives of the animals around her.

Brittany then worked as a veterinary technician for several years in Manhattan, Florida, and Texas, including one year spent solely in an animal emergency hospital. She has accumulated a wide range of veterinary medical experience, and incorporates this medical knowledge into her training approach.

Brittany is excited for the opportunity to combine all of her skills to help owners and their canine friends achieve even happier relationships together.

Brittany brings her unique range of skills together to offer a service that focuses on behavior, health, and home environment.


Many pet owners think of training only as tricks and leash-walking skills that they teach their pet early in life. In reality we are training our pets constantly, every day, whether we mean to or not. Unfortunately, many times owners inadvertently train their pets to engage in problem behaviors such as barking, begging, and jumping. It’s important that pets receive basic obedience training on an on-going basis throughout their lives.

Brittany understands that many pet owners are juggling work, school, children, AND their pets, making it difficult to keep up a regular training schedule. That’s why all of the services at Behave LA include training time. With regular visits from Brittany your pet will not only get extra exercise, but also the regular maintenance training that he/she needs.


It’s not always easy to tell if your pet is developing a medical issue. Often the first signs of trouble are subtle: change in bowel movements, appetite, weight, or activity. With everything else going on in our day to day lives it can be difficult to notice small changes in our pets.

Brittany keeps a basic health record of all the animals she visits, allowing her to quickly spot changes in your pet. Brittany is not a veterinarian, nor is she a substitute for regular preventative veterinary care. She is, however, a second set of trained eyes that can help you to notice trends and changes in your pet’s behavior/activity.


Behave LA exists to provide loving, holistic companionship for your pet. However, most importantly, Brittany wants to help improve the relationships between pet and owner. This can be achieved in many different ways. Often, just the simple act of getting exercise in the middle of the day can calm your pet down so that when you return home from work the time spent with your pet can be positive and peaceful. In other cases, that extra routine training helps to eliminate an inappropriate behavior that was stressing both pet and owner.

Ultimately, Brittany is always available to her clients for advice regarding behavior, nutrition, and any other issue that may arise regarding their pet.

Brittany believes that truly happy pets require a sustained relationship with their training companion and she’s created a service which is affordable enough to be part of your pet’s weekly life.

Behavioral training is at the core of all services offered – Brittany will work either on basic manners/fun behaviors or address any specific behavioral issues. All services also include administration of any medications needed (this includes IM or Subcutaneous injections).

Please Note: Anytime your dog is outside of a completely enclosed area (fenced yard, dog park, etc.) he/she will be on a leash. Brittany does not believe in taking any dog off-leash in a public area for the pet’s safety. As a veterinary technician, she saw far too many dogs who were “off-leash trained” that had been hit by cars due to an unexpected distraction that caused them to take off running. The safety of your pet is Brittany’s number one concern.

Initial Consultation

Brittany offers a free initial consultation where she can meet you and your pet for the first time. During this session, you and Brittany will discuss the type of training you would like during her visits, your schedule, and any special needs your pet may have.

Routine Visits

All visits to your home, and dog park trips provide private one-on-one time with your pet(s), these are not group walks. If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, and you request it, Brittany is happy to bring her dog Indy along on a visit. Indy is extremely well trained and well socialized with dogs of all breeds and sizes, and is always fully up to date on all vaccines, as well as flea and tick preventative.


  • Visits will typically be between 9am and 6pm Mon-Fri
  • Service areas: Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Playa Vista

Take the first step and contact Brittany. The initial consultation is always free, and is a great opportunity to test the relationship between owner, trainer, and four-legged friend.

Phone: (310) 266-0852

Send Brittany a Message

Brittany shares her favorite training tips, adorable animals, and local news over at Tumblr. Be sure to check it out!